User Agreement

User Agreement

Shanghai LeiGod Network Technology Co., LTD.(hereinafter referred as LeiGod Technology ) would like to remind users to read the terms of this agreement carefully (minors should be reviewed by their legal guardians), and you have the right to accept or refuse this agreement. You are not entitled to download, install or use “NN Speed” and its related services unless you agree and accept the terms of this agreement. Your installation and use of our service will be deemed to be an acceptance of this agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. This agreement describes the rights and obligations of NN Speed with you. “User” or “You” means an individual or a single entity that obtains software products and number licenses through the means provided by NN Speed.

1. Intellectual Property Rights Statement

NN Speed is researched and developed by LeiGod Network Technology Co. Ltd. The trademark, copyright and all intellectual property rights, and all of the information content associated with the software, in cluding but not limited to: words and their combination, ICONS, figure act, interface design, layout, graphics, colors, frame, relevant data, printing materials, or electronic documents are all protected by copyright law of PRC and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property rights protection laws and regulations.

2. The Scope of Software Licensing

1) Users can install, use, display and run the software on PC and mobile phone(for the same account, simultaneous online between PC and Mobile App is supported).

2) Reserved rights: All other rights not expressly authorized by LeiGod Technology remain in the possession of the user other rights to use by additional written consent of LeiGod Corporation.

3)Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, this Agreement does not stipulate the relevant terms of service for LeiGod Technology or other services and APPs of the partner using the Software. For these services, there may be separate terms of service to regulate the user. Please be aware of and confirm separately when using the service. If the user accepts the service, it is deemed to be an acceptance of the relevant terms of service.

3. About Users’ Information

1) Users should register authentic, complete and correct personal information. The authentic and complete user information will be the basis for the after-sales service of LeiGod Technology and the premise for users to obtain legal protection.

2)Since the user has not filled in the authentic, complete and correct personal information, the user shall bear all losses and liabilities caused by the him/herself, including but not limited to: loss of account password, account dispute with others, etc.

4. Users Instructions

1) The user shall ensure that the information provided when registering in LeiGod Technology or using the services provided by the partner unit is authentic, complete and error-free, and undertake corresponding legal responsibility for the information provided.

2) NN Speed account:

(1) All rights reserved by LeiGod Corporation, including NN Speed account. Users obtained the use right of his/her own account after completing the registration application procedure. LeiGod authorizes user non-exclusive rights under this agreement, which are temporary, revocable, and within the scope of this agreement.

(2) The use right of the NN Speed account is only for the initial application registrant. In order to protect the user information and account security, account transfer, renting and sharing are prohibited. If the user is not the initial registrant of the account, LeiGod Technology has the right to manage this account. All disputes arising from the user’s private rental (paid/free) account and the losses incurred shall be borne by the user. At the same time, LeiGod Technology reserves the right to pursue legal liability for users who violate this agreement.

(3) If there is a dispute between the users regarding the ownership of the account, LeiGod Technology will make an independent judgment based on the initial personal registration data. If the personal information is unauthentic, incomplete or impossible to judge the true owner, LeiGod Technology has the right to manage this disputable account and the loss shall be borne by the user himself/herself.

(4) Once the virtual product related to NN Speed is sold, it can be regarded as accepting our terms of service. The company does not accept any unreasonable refund.

(5) The user assumes the responsibility for the account of the NN Speed account and password and is fully responsible for all activities under the account and password.

(6)LeiGod Technology shall have the right to terminate all or any part of the services without prior notice if users provided false information, performed ACTS in violation of this agreement, released illegal information, performed ACTS in violation of social morality and other ACTS in violation of laws and regulations. At the same time, LeiGod Technology reserves the right to pursue legal liability against users who violate this agreement.

3) LeiGod Technology is the sole copyright owner of the software. It enjoys the right to lease the software according to law, that is, it provides the user with the right to use. Users are not allowed to rent, sell, give or share (paid/unpaid) NN Speed and its related service (including free service) directly or indirectly. All disputes arising from the private transfer of the user and the losses incurred shall be borne by the user. At the same time, LeiGod Technology reserves the right to pursue legal liability for users who violate this agreement.

4) Minors should learn how to use the network correctly and arrange the game time reasonably under the supervision of their parents or teachers. It is necessary to pay attention to distinguishing the difference between the network and the reality and avoiding negative effect on daily learning life caused by indulging in online games.

5) If users find any bugs or bugs in the software, they shall timely give feedback to customer service of LeiGod Corporation. If users seek improper interests through software bugs or bugs, LeiGod Technology shall have the right to take measures against the relevant accounts, including but not limited to account closure and recovery of unjust enrichment.

6) LeiGod Technology provides users with a variety of suspension services for free, and has the right to cancel the service at any time according to its own development strategy, business conditions, etc., without any liability to the user. Uses are responsible for the timing or charge (if any) due to the user's failure, which has nothing to do with LeiGod Technology.

7) LeiGod Technology reserves the right to modify this agreement from time to time. The revised agreement will be delivered to users by means of SMS, in-station notice, user message and email. If users do not agree to accept the revised user agreement, they shall immediately stop using the software and related services after receiving it.

5. Prohibited Behaviors and Responsibilities of Users

1) The user shall use the software in accordance with the provisions of this agreement under the premise of abiding by laws and this agreement. Users shall not perform any of the following ACTS, including but not limited to:

(1) Arbitrarily change the use purpose of this software, such as using relevant technical means to download or upload the software other than the game acceleration function; By means of technology, the games that are not supported by NN Speed can enjoy acceleration service.

(2) Reverse engineering, reverse assembly and reverse compilation of the software without authorization;

(3) Use, copy, modify, link, reprint, assemble and publish the information related to the software without authorization, set up mirror sites, and develop derivative products, works and services related to the software without authorization;

(4) Use the software to publish, transmit, disseminate and store contents that violate national laws, endanger national security, national reunification and social stability, or any inappropriate, insulting, defamatory, obscene, violent and any contents that violate national laws, regulations and policies;

(5) Use the software to carry out any behavior endangering Internet security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or entering unauthorized server/account; Accessing the public computer network or the computer system of others without permission and deleting, modifying or adding stored information; Without permission, attempt to detect, scan, test the weakness of the software system or network or other implementation of network security violations; Attempting to interfere with or damage the normal operation of the software system or website, deliberately spreading malicious programs or viruses and other ACTS of disrupting normal network information services; Faked TCP/IP packet name or partial name.

2) The use of this software must abide by the relevant state laws and policies, safeguard the interests of the state, protect national security, and to comply with this agreement, the use of illegal or in violation of this agreement for the users of all responsibilities, and take full responsibility by the user, all has nothing to do with LeiGod Technology and its cooperation unit, causing damage to LeiGod Technology and cooperation unit, LeiGod Technology and its cooperation unit shall have the right to demand compensation from the user, and shall have the right to immediately cease to provide services, and keep relevant records, reserves the right to cooperate with the judicial organs shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

6. Dispute Resolution and Law Application

If the users encounter dispute for the implementation of the relevant matters after download, install, or use of this software and its related services, the user agrees to in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China issued by the relevant laws and regulations to resolve the dispute, and agree to accept the jurisdiction of the people's court in the locality of LeiGod Corporation.

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